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The Colour Amongst the Snow
There was a time when we were three
Three drops of blood on snow.
On a blank canvas, we were free
In a world that was ours to know.
We were three small stars
Dancing in a sea of navy blue.
An endless melody without bars
A friendship pure, and strong and true.
But then you ran away
Seeped into the page.
Left the world in disarray
Leaving behind pain and rage.
Three is now two
Left alone and confused.
Still willing to catch you
While feeling discarded. Abused.
The lure of "greater riches"
Something we did not provide.
I'll leave you to those b*tches
See how long you survive.
Those drops of red have faded
Those bonds can be broken.
It was an end orchestrated
Without any words spoken.
Maybe one day you'll remember
Those moments we shared.
A rekindle that glowing ember
The hurt can be repaired.
Sorry isn't needed
It's something you just know.
We'll carry on unheeded
The colour amongst the snow.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 3 3
Once I was told all ghosts were dead
But there's a ghost within my head.
Something that I used to be
Something in which I once believed.
Something strong, left to cower.  
I was never a damsel in the tower.
There's no dragon keeping guard
Just my thoughts, cold and hard.
There's something that took my place
Uses the same limbs. The same face.
It's got no face this monster of mine
Only influence that strengthens over time.
A parasite, dependant on the host
Destroying the one needed the most.
Weaving a web of confusion and lies
Until you're the only one you despise
Something old left in the ashes
Something meaningful in the gashes
Something liberating in the confession
Something hiding the depression.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 7 2
The whole of my brain is a circus
My skull is the red and white tent.
My neurones wobble on unicycles
While clowns scatter thoughts and ideas.
The length of my tongue is a tightrope
With no safety rope attached to my back.
I stumble, slip and forget for no reason
Falling through language and sound.
My five senses are magicians tricks
Something to amaze and astound
One minute I scarcely believing
When in the next; the secrets out.
The heart of my soul is a theme park
The tracks twist, turn, and plummet
For now I have you, my prisoner
Sit down, belt up, hold tight.
My heart is a forgotten treasure chest
Waiting for a diver to lift the catch
And save the silver, gold and memories
From their watery tomb.
In the middle of this is a fairytale
Missing its vital player
I'm hidden away in a tower
Cowering from my image in the mirror.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 8 5
Hold Me Like You Used To
Hold me like you used to
Speak like I pray you did.
I'll whisper how much I love you
Do what my heart forbids.
I've got nothing but the memories
And the void you left behind.
We were once two allies
Now I count the tears I've cried.
The rain drops are unforgiving
The wind carries your voice
Nothing that I'm living,
is being lived by choice.
Hold me like you used to
Speak like I pray you did.
I'll whisper how much I love you
Even though our hearts are dead.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 8 8
How long must I wait?
For a moment that tyrant time will dictate.
When our hearts supernova and collide
When I'm the shadow by your side.
How fast must I run?
Before I gather armfuls of the setting sun
And return them home to you
While the light paints the world anew.
How many tears do I cry?
Before your fingertips wipe them dry.
Before my heart is crushed by this noose
While I succumb to personal abuse.
How many nights do I pray?
For the day you take my heart away.
While my walls crash and hit the ground
Leaving settling ash and the absence of sound
How many words do I use?
To open my heart. Leave the words to infuse.
Losing  the moment, drowning in space
As my heart wastes away, needing  your embrace.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 10 5
'Til Death Do Us Part.
Was it worth it? The question swoops around the cavern of my dreamless thoughts. Maybe it was. Even now in my rare slips of sleep I can tread the worn fibers of the carpet stairs and smell the almondy fragrance washing from the kitchens. Who knew such a beautiful fragrance could cloak such dark motives? Then I hear the tiny sigh as the ghostly apparition of myself slips into the ornate dining room.
I wake screaming...
I close my eyes, inhale a lungful of air to steady the double-time race of my heart. Right now the sweet, buttery almond tart will be being garnished bellow stairs in the kitchen, ready to be carried up and placed, regally, in front of my lord and master. At which point I'll excuse myself gracefully and take leave of the petulant man who I share this miserable marriage with.
Not long left now.
"Till death do us part"
I can imagine him now. Stuffed full of the meats, pastry's and sugar that his lavish lifestyle affords. His distainful lady takes leave of him as the final t
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 0 6
Second Attempt
Make me a blank canvas
With nothing to prove.
Correct all the blemishes
I've nothing to lose
Compose me a silence
Made out of sound
Make me a soundtrack
Echoing all around
Rewrite me a story,
Script, breath and words
Reform the letters
Into words that need to be heard.
Correct my hard drive
Reverse all the pain
Return the girl who was
Like any other. Exactly the same
Take what you hold
Unlock my heart
For only you hold it -
The key to the start.
I can't correct
Imperfect features and lines
For I cannot change
Soul, heart and mind
I'll never be her
That's not what fate wants.
From my broken heart
There's nothing in response.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 12 11
My Rainbow Supernova
There's something on the system that NASA can't track down
A kaleidoscope of colour permeating our sepia ghost town
My rainbow supernova
With every raced step, every hurried word, each stuttered breath
You're pulling me closer, waking me again. Saving me from a death
My saving grace.
Laughter sounds better with two. Certainly better with you
I'm being given those precious moments I'll never renew
My ray of light.
I've been watching your melodies rearrange the skies
Nearly as perfect as the world captured within your eyes
My harmonic collision.
I'm viewing this all from afar; trapped behind my reservation
Too scared of falling to tell you the place and location
Of my love.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 5 6
Tiny Heart Shaped Daggers
Would you notice? If I wrote my name in condensation
Across icy panes of glass? Would it be lost in translation?
Would you carelessly wipe it clear with your sleeve?
Oblivious to the loss. Never to grieve.
Am I a ghost, something of insubstantial material?
Vain attempts of solidarity thwarted into the ethereal.
Empty atoms, and hollow emotions swirling in winter air
Every nerve and sinew stripped down, laid bare.
I wait in chilly solitude, sitting on the bloated moon
Watching as sunrise disperses me all too soon.
Tiny heart shaped daggers are seated deep within
Cause of death. Just seconds to live.
Breath in.
And I rush back, matter forming around matter
Salty snail trails where messy tears splatter.
But there's still something lost, drifting, separate
Drowning in glossy eyes.
SOS. It's increasingly desperate.
In the centre of the confusion,
The remains of my heart.
Where tiny heart shaped daggers
continue their illusion
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 7 11
Head or Heart?
There's red flooding out my veins as I rip our posed
photographs down from the chambers of my heart.
There's indigo expanding in my lungs as I drown
beneath the torrid currents of mauve storm clouds.
From my mouth drips a liquid silence. Echoes of
long forgotten syllables, words and laughter.  
Quick silver streams snake and loop their path
down the valleys of my pale, hollow cheeks.
Ice bulldozes its way directly to the heart. Towards something like
pain. It requires numbing. Threads of meaning disappear in its path.
Infernos rage in the core of my brain, heat stabbing its way down
towards my spine. But I still cannot gauge where the pain is.
Head or Heart?
But both were wrong.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 1 4
Blousy Red
Eyes pick me up as a flower. Beautiful, harmless, benign.
My blousy red centred on a centre of midnight black.
Green racing up to kiss the red lips of my petals.
You'd be right. But ultimately you're wrong. I'm much more.
That red trembling in the breeze, striking against the sky blue,
Dyed red from blood that seeped and oozed through trampled mud.
Creeping up innocent roots and poisoning the delicate flora.
Passed on in generations to forewarn, forebode and remember.
A black vortex holding a swirling scarlet galaxy, twisting forever.
The deepest recesses of humanity - the black of the enemy's eyes.
A moonless night, devoid of the tiniest glimmer, blanketing the
carnage below. Darkness hides even the reddest of spills.
But look at the green shooting up, forever striving toward the red fire.
Eternity spent running into an inferno, quenching the hottest of hells flame.
Tender sprouting hope, tentative steps along the tightrope. Peace.
The potential, the energy to drown the fire. But the
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 4 6
Listen My Child
Talk to me. Child of my past, talk, and tell me of the dreams that run
pall-mall through candyfloss fields and dance with the cotton clouds.
Whisper those nightmares that arrive, screeching. Seething and burning.
Parcel your childish imagination and deliver it through my ruby red post-box.
We are one, but ultimately separate. We miss each other by miles, but
we're only an inch apart. I am what the world moulded, tomorrow has happened.
Yours eyes have yet to glimpse the world I'm drenched in. Soaked to the skin.
My mind is foggy with nostalgia. My heart bursting with your love.
Your skin is only moments away from a maternal touch that mine hungers for.
Those baby-blues haven't yet rained the beginnings of an ocean. Oh my child.
I grieve for you. I promise the rain with pass, and the storm will calm.
There will be music, laughter and eye's dazzling with the beauty of it all. Not without its pain though.
You won't give a moment back, nor will you want to. Don't give an inch of it.
You may
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 10 13
Five Years Either Way
We're five years clear of the time when we stood separately
looking alone. Awkward crowds, a square trying to fit
into the circular hole. Childs play. Glances at "perfect friends",
wanting all that BFF and sleepovers. Before you knew how to look beyond.
How to see the cracks in that perfect armour. Patience, time will come.
Wallop! A silent collision, we don't know it yet, things have moved.
Polite smiles and nervous hello's, who are you?
A future of shopping trips, movie day and sleepover quietly
unravels in the corner. Months of comfortable companionship, small talk
and little jokes. Things will change. Wait for time.
The first evening at the others house, more polite smiles and best behaviour.
That feeling of memories and something growing.
Life moves swifter than what is tangible, suddenly the intro is over
The melody kicks in with deafening power. Breath taking...
Best friends, and every evening on the phone, those stupid jokes.
Tina Turner. Simply the Best, memories line the wall
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 4 7
Melodic Lies
Every love song's a lie.
My oxygen supply is still here
Even though you're no longer near.
Every day's still bright baby blue,
Shouldn't they be grey and dark without you?
Apparently I'm supposed to be filled with dead weight
But I'm high up above, revelling in light airy space.
Thud. Here's my heart, still in one piece
Though now I'm alone it should've ceased...
Tomorrow hasn't lost its appeal
It's new, exciting, unlived and unreal.
Obviously I misjudged your control
I started together, and I'm leaving this whole.
If all love songs are lies,
Why do tears run their course from blue eyes?
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 2 9
Curriculum Vitae
If I ever wrote a CV, it would read like this;
My birth name?
[Stolen with the rest of my identity when they came.]
Interests and Qualities;
Hard working and dependable.
[The boss needs me. I'm not yet expendable.]
Team player, good in a tricky situation.
[When there's a gun pointed with no explanation.]
I ask no questions, do the work I should.
[I'll wash the floor once it's covered in blood.]
I keep my mouth shut, keep the truth quiet.
[Can't tell the World about every gory riot.]
[I've been here for years. Hope of Education? Gone.]
And what would YOU do, if you were this poor?
It's hard to leave the army, when you're only four.
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 7 10
Fall or Fly
The sky blazed above the cradle of death. The city, once a haven, was now a place of ghosts and broken promises. Posters fluttered in the clammy breeze, still shouting their promises to the apocalyptic wasteland.
Footsteps toddled over the rubble, followed by two skinny little girls. Their laughter ricocheting  off the scorched walls.
"Daisy look! A house like what we used to have!"
"Wha? Ammy wait for me".
The elder sibling melted from the shattered doorway into the cavernous black within. They were before the age when rational fear begins to blur the seams of reality. Soot danced in the air currents kicked up by their little feet.
"Ammy I fell..."
Before Amelia could tend to her fallen sibling a stray beam of dying sunlight electrocuted the stairway. Held by the spectral sight, the girls paced slowly towards the steps.
At the top of the steps a small ladder leading vertically to a small hatch swung. It screeched it long, drawn out phrases.
"Ammy, le'
:iconkein-licht:Kein-Licht 1 0
"Love is just a cautionary, momentary, reactionary lie"


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Well I feel lazy...

I took time out in May/June for GCSE's PROMISING myself I start writing again afterwards... But then I seemed to have a Summer holiday where I actually DID things instead of just sitting around
And then I start Year 12 and life has just got busier. I started off thinking "4 subjects = plenty of time to get something written" oh how wrong I was. If I'm not in a twilight until 5:15 I'm doing something other than trying to think of something half good to post. And now I have cronic writers block.

I'll try and write something soon, it's driving me crazy.
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